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>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

I had a very nice session on Saturday evening with the soon-to-be Jacksons. I'm really impressed with this couple and am super excited to be a part of their wedding! We walked around the Capital building and its grounds. There are so many great locations around there!

PS - Can anyone tell me why the photos are NOT in crisp focus when I post them on the blog? I'm using PNG files saved at 900pixels wide (or tall depending on the photo). They're crisp on my computer while I'm editing them and then I post the darn things and they lose a bit of their awesomeness. What can I do differently?

Maybe I should just GOOGLE it.

Either way, Congrats to Lauren & Jason! Marriage is wonderful and you'll love it.

And one last thing...
(I can't WAIT until November to do her bridals in the FANTASTIC dress she's picked out!)


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