Before and After with an MCP ACTION

>> Friday, February 25, 2011

Recently, MCP put out a FREE download of their new "Mini Fusion" action.
I've been playing around with it and LOVE the results.

The new images are so fresh and bright.

Here's my process:
  1. Open up the images using Adobe Camera Raw.
  2. In this program I adjust the Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Fill Light, etc. I also CROP and sometimes add a vignette (if appropriate). You can also play with color saturation & luminance.
  3. Save the images as JPGs in a separate folder.
  4. Open up your JPGs in Photoshop.
  5. Use the Healing Brush tool to eliminate skin blemishes.
  6. Run the Mini Fusion action (press play).
  7. Raise the "Increase Opacity to Brighten" layer to about 15% opacity.
  8. Open the "Tone" folder (in the layers palette) and make all layers inside visable (Pink Cadillac, Cool Blue Sea, and Cloud 9) then change opacity to about 15% for each one.
  9. Open the "Mini Fusion" folder (in the layers palette) and adjust the opacity for "More Contrast" and "Deeper" and "Hazy" to taste.
Have more questions? Let me know and I'll address them!


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