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>> Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I might be a photographer, but I didn't go to photography school. I'm still constantly learning and trying to figure out my camera, photoshop, lighting, angles, poses, etc. (even though I've been doing this for years!). Sometimes I feel like I'll never know everything that I want to learn. HOWEVER, one very important thing that I HAVE gleaned from all of my research, practice, & mistakes over the past few years is that PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS make my life sooooooo much easier. I save so much time & effort by using actions.

There are some really great places where you can purchase the actions that others have made. They can get quite expensive though, once you start building your collection. HOWEVER, the Pioneer Woman offers a completely free set of GREAT actions.  So, if you want to make better photos using great actions WITHOUT spending any money, you can head over to PW's website and download her sets for free.

Here's an example of my post processing using only PW's free action sets.

This was a very simple edit. I took the following steps to achieve this result.

PW's Slight Lighten @100% opacity
Flatten Layers
PW's Fresh & Colorful (soft light @55% opacity)
PW's Warmer @35% opacity
Flatten Layers
PW's Bring on the Eyes (brush set at 30% opacity)
Flatten Layers

Makes a HUGE difference, no?
I love PW's free actions. Give them a try.


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